music bio

Cambree Lovesy is a 22 year old country singer/songwriter from Abbotsford, B.C.  Her passion for creating and sharing music has quickly garnered her a spot in the Canadian country music scene, and her infectious energy on stage and throughout her songs leaves audiences wanting more.  Since the age of 11, Cambree has been working hard on her craft and has had five singles play on Canadian country radio.

Her debut album, "Kiss My Boots", released in November 2018, combines elements from old-school country with a modern appeal and her authentic songwriting connects with her audience.  With an undeniably impressive stage presence and high-energy band backing her up, Cambree puts on a show every time she performs. She’s had the honour of showcasing her talent at the 2018 CN Grey Cup in Edmonton, the Cook County Saloon, Rogers Arena, The Roxy, BC Place, and many more venues across Western Canada.  Cambree continues to embrace every opportunity with enthusiasm and a grateful heart.  

Listen to Cambree's new single, "Runaway Queen" available everywhere now!

Personal Life

People would describe Cambree as a personable, energetic, and hard-working woman.  Cambree is an advocate who is very involved in her community, and values diversity, kindness and equality.

Her family are her biggest fans and inspirations.  They created an environment and gave her the resources that helped her pursue her music. 

When she is not on stage, she is at school studying Media and Communication Studies & Theatre at the University of the Fraser Valley, at the studio recording music, or working multiple jobs.  In the rare occasion that she has free time, she loves watching hockey, spending time with friends, or travelling. 

Cambree has not always been the outgoing, bubbly person she is known to be.  Her world came crashing down in 2015 when she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder after battling with her mental health for years. Growing up, she struggled with opening up to people around her and turned to music as an outlet for expression.   Music always played an integral part in her life.  Cambree's songs often reflect the major milestones in her personal life. 

Cambree takes great musical inspiration from classic country artists Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline,  as well as modern country trendsetters such as Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris.  Cambree combines her love of a variety of genres into her songwriting style, producing a unique blend of feel-good songs.

Her eclectic taste in music also applies to her personal style.  Cambree describes her fashion expression as "glamorous cowgirl".  She loves finding treasures at thrift stores and incorporating those items into her wardrobe.  If you see Cambree on the street, she will most likely be wearing her favourite bejewelled cowboy boots. 

Cambree seeks to use her position as a public figure to be an inspiration for young people to find beauty in being exactly who they are and pursue their passions whole-heartedly.   Her advice to anyone who is struggling is to put their focus on what brings you joy, and pursue that with no hesitations.  "Choosing to pursue music full-time was a decision that brought a lot of risks, but when you love what you do and you can't picture doing anything else, your dream is worth every ounce of uncertainty " Cambree says.   She wants to be a role model for strength, confidence, and authentic self-expression and she hopes to inspire her fans to do the same.